IBM Fixed Disk Organizer Year 2000 Patch

IBM's Fixed Disk Organizer is one of the easiest, most flexible and elegant menu programs we know. It must still be in use on many thousands of PC's in homes and offices.
A serious disadvantage of the FDO program is that it is not Y2k proof. It's 'date/time opening screen' does not accept dates beyond the year 1999.

The Y2k patch solves the date problem of IBM's Fixed Disk Organizer by replacing the old 'date/time opening screen' with a new one.
You can download the '' file (59 K) below
Unzip and you will find 5 files. The readme.txt will help you through the (easy) installation in your existing IBM-FDO directory.
After installation you can use IBM-FDO up to 2079.

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The original link is broken.
A replacement link that worked in March 2016 is now broken too.
The link above worked in August 2021.